yUmMy TrEaTs galore, and fits of gLoBaL fAsHioN

There are some food experiences I plan to share at this party. Be prepared to expect any of these gastronomic delights if you ever visit me in the real world someday!

On the menu:
  • milky ginger tea
  • mombassa fruit salad
  • organic vegetarianism in Thailand
  • our ugandan favorites: chapati, posho and beans, malakwan greens in sesame paste, Ugandan pork
I also love African fashion, and over the years I have played with creating African fashion shows online (featuring ordinary models like people on the street and members of my own household). Now if i can just remember where they are, I can entertain you with an online catwalk, including:
  • African fashion for kids
  • Fashion 4 football album
  • Zarina’s swahili fashion show
  • LiA fashion designers on kiva
I knew all that weird content would find a use someday! Now to find it in my messy archives when I need it... (I've done a LOT of weird stuff like this over the years, so it will take some doing!)
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