There will be ThiNkiNg and LeArNiNg

This just in from:

What if playing a game could make the world a better place? Playing Akoha missions can be fun and meaningful. As part of our play testing phase, we’ve adopted a school project with Room to Read.” read more

Hooray! So I’m not alone in imagining that online reality games can play an effective role in generating social impact. Here’s where my thoughts lead: games are addictive, repetitive and fun. If meaningful numbers of people get engaged in playing games (and hosting online game parties) for targeted social good, the impact that the gaming communities make could collectively be really interesting.

I’ve sent off for an Akoha beta invitation. Should that come, I’d love to see about trying it out here at the party. Meanwhile, if YOU happen come across any other new and innovative social games for good out there, please share the link in a comment to this post.

Definitely looking forward to riding this wave of discovery and invention for a while.


P.S. - did you ever play the free rice game?