Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Expect lots of DrAMa

I could fill a book with the drama that my life has been here in Africa. Maybe someday I will. For now I'm more interested in developing the condensed version.

For the moment - in spite of having called off the marriage to N. and having no idea about what the future holds - the boys and I are comfortable, safe and at peace in our Kampala cocoon, enjoying some fun family pursuits while we develop our wings. Since January I've officially been on sabbatical, but it's only recently that I am beginning to feel the effects of taking a breather. It's amazing how perspective always comes thru time spent focusing on other things.

This evening there are auditions for the annual Christmas pantomime play (which is a british comedy thing very unlike the american kind of pantomime). We go every year to see it, and we've wanted to audition to be in it as a family for many years but it's never worked out. This year we are determined.

Eek - that means I have to sing. Wish us luck!


Shawn4lia said...

So, how did the audition go? I am dying to know.

christina said...

really well actually. just got news today that we're in as a family package, with small parts for all 4 of us (me, Thomas, Lucas and N's niece Christina who is living with us). Very exciting! It's a Robinhood spoof - I haven't seen the whole script yet, but should be good fun.

Shawn4lia said...

That is very cool! Be sure to update us as it rolls along.