My Own Way: the global life of evans the atom and old yeller

Dear friends,

I've just been at enjoying I WONDER: earthquakes today, white plague, and The World's Best Places to Live (w/PICS). In my own cool way I've been stressing big time lately over where the best place will be for me to start building a new nest. After 10 years in a country where only one of us was born in, my 3 sons and I have decided to head off sometime soon, into the great global unknown.

I had thought for a while that we would stay where we are forever. I thought I wanted that. But after 10 years, maybe I have learned what I was supposed to learn about myself here. I've caught rare glimpses of possible life after LiA before, but now the boys and I are all seeing very clearly that something else is looming on the horizon for our family - we are excited about it, we just don't know what or where it is yet. I personally see it like a speck getting closer somewhere there beyond the fray of tangled mental threads, near the core of my patched up heart, at the middlepoint of the furthest distance in the 4th dimension of my solar plexis. (I think I must have been evans the atom in another life.) This is a pretty big decision.

Seasoned 21st century cyberpilot that I am, the only thing I can think to do at a crossroads like this is to develop a cyberflight plan for getting us to where we need to go. Since my life is currently like a make-your- own-flavour ice cream parlour of opportunities, I've decided to have a party. What's next is the special topping of the month, and I've got some online games and entertainment up my sleeve. Through writing, sharing and having fun with friends, surely I will figure this thing out.

So at christinaswwworld - for the moment - I am I leaping off the tops of the real world rocks I've been hiding under for a while, to fly online with the winds of global change once again this fall. In addition to local and online colleagues and friends, I'm making a particular effort to invite some friends, family, former colleagues, and classmates I lost and then found over the past few years, who I would not like to lose (again) in this upcoming personal transition. My intention is to create a unique atmosphere at christinaswwworld between now and Christmas. Think of it like a party at my place, with parlour games, dancing, good food for your soul, and an interesting variety of side discussions going on.

If you haven't been following my career online, be warned that I love to try new and unconventional ideas online for making good things happen where I live. Case in point: as I launch this message into cyberspace, 6 of my friends are playing the ourwwworld game, that teaches blogging skills and global awareness through wordplays with google search trends (and earns money for the players and for LiA when folks visit the sponsors on the players' blogs) Before I leave this place, I also feel the need to document some of the observations, lessons and life shaping experiences that have been my life here. Special photos, recipes I'm taking with me, people and stories I will remember, cultural insights, personal insights, etc. are the kind of variety you're likely to see me posting for the next few months.

After December 2008, the activity at christinaswwworld will die down for a while. Hopefully you will have felt you were a part of a unique online experience. And since we don't yet know where I am going to be, I will let be the one place wwworldwide where you can reliably find out for many years to come - even if I'm not posting regularly to the blog any more. If and when ever does become active again, it is likely to be different in format and content, but it will still be me :-)

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thanks for clicking, and for reading, and for being a part of my wwworld.

Christina (Tina) Jordan