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Wisconsin Dells flood as Lake Delton drains the life out of local tourism

Today's google trends lesson: Always think twice when you invest in shorefont property.

There is heartache this week in the Wisconsin Dells, where Lake Delton, Upper Spring Lake and other smaller bodies of water in the area have broken through their previous barriers to drain into the Wisconsin River. I don't know these places, but it sounds like a lot of water. Houses have been washed away, leaving their luxury lakefront living infrastructure as a lurking menace to the local tourism industry.

I experienced successive floods of similar magnitude as a kid growing up in the desert town of Lake Elsinore, California in the late 1970s. What I remember most about those times is that we didn't have to go to school. Actually, we couldn't go to school (even if we wanted to) because each of the 4 roads that ran around the dying lake our town was named for had all been washed out. For a kid it was all very exciting, and then a few years later it happened again.

But for the local ec…