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The truth about WHY I'm leaving Uganda

8 weeks from tonight, right around the very time that's on my clock right now, the boys and I will be getting on a plane to leave Uganda, Brussels bound.

I've booked but not yet purchased those tickets. I have, however, already purchased a flight that leaves 2 weeks from tonight, for an 8 day visit to hunt for a house. It's becoming real, God willing... I've gone pretty far in making plans to leave Uganda twice before, and have twice not ended up going due to changing circumstances in Uganda. The first time I decided to stay was when I met and fell in love with N. The second time was when his mother died and his father was badly injured in a car-crash last year, a few weeks before my intended departure on a 1 year working sabbatical.

Both times before, I was planning to leave Uganda for a year or two and then return to stay for the long haul. This time, I don't plan to come back to live in Uganda for at least the next 13 years, or until my last born son Ben has f…

New family portraits

A photographer came to our house a few days ago to take some family portraits. Thought I would share.

Darn, I'd hoped to share a few more of the proofs, but my connectivity is not cooperating! Anyway, I think this one will be lovely in a nice frame.