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On Chris Anderson and the long tail of freeconomics

RE: Chris Anderson
Editor in Chief, Wired Magazine;
Author, The Long Tail (2006), Free (anticipated 2009)

Chris Anderson is at the top of the google trends today. While I haven't a clue why googlers are looking him up today, I do know that he is one of our era's most articulate and influential voices at the center of the new economy. He has written important and exciting new books that put forth an entirely new economic model for business - one that is built on an economics of abundance rather than scarcity.

In The Long Tail, Anderson proposes that the future of business is selling less (volume) of more (variety). Niche is everything, and everything is niche. As the cost of reaching consumers drops, markets are shifting from a one-size-fits-all model of mass appeal to one of unlimited variety for unique tastes. It should come as no surprise that Anderson believes it's the internet which makes the Long Tail of niche markets not only possible, but inevitable. The Long Tail blog

christinaswwworld trends - stepping stones to new pathways

Over the past 2 months I have been venturing into online neighborhoods where folks are making money on the internet by working from home. My objective has been not only to find ways that I can earn money for myself working from home, but more specifically to identify activities that friends of mine here in Uganda (where I live) can consider as possible sources of income for community activities that they would like to undertake.

After investing in several ebooks and scouring the click exchanges for tools and ideas, I decided to try my hand at blogging the google trends. Within 24 hours of my first post, the ourwwworld blog had received over 600 visitors and raked in over $60 in advertising revenue. Within a week of deliberately very little additional activity (and none of it quality writing), the total revenue reached over $150 - which is more than very many Ugandans earn in a whole month.

Last year I initiated an online experiment with my Ugandan friends that involved researching hea…