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What if the Happy song and video memes came with more actual happiness in the world?

Pharrell Williams' 2014 hit Happy song and the 24 hours of Happy video have sparked a meme that's even more fun for high school kids than the Harlem Shake was in 2013. Graduating seniors at Chiang Mai International School have danced their goodbyes in a Happy montage, that keeps me grinning ear to ear (and not just at the moments my oldest son is in it!)

But Pharrell Williams isn't the only force moving us toward greater happiness these days.

Fascinating new research on happiness is now available, about what it actually is and how it actually comes to be in our lives. The "Happy" movie is well worth the $2.99 to rent it. Right after I watched it I made my kids sit down and watch it with me - the practical information in this little gem of a movie made an immediate impact on our lives.

Happy - A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.
Another inspiring must-see if you value happiness is the Economics of Happiness documentary released early this year.  I&…

Co-creative learning from Piglets for Progress Phase 1

Last week a friend and I invited the Mae Sot trash dump community to share their experience and learnings with each other about raising pigs, in order to surface the practical gaps to be addressed in planning for a possible Phase 2 of the Piglets for Progress initiative. 

What they shared offers a super interesting read, with fascinating insights that I'm still chewing on. 

Read more at the Piglets Blogabout the event and how we facilitated the conversations between 100+ people whose language we don't speak.