GAmEs 4 GoOd: the webbed wwworld game

where in the wwworld do YOU fit in here?

Take off the mask of cyber-anonymity, and say a quick hello!

Many who've been invited here know me in the real world as well as online, and many of you know each other as well. In this game we're going to try and map our online and offline relationships, to see who's here and how we fit together.

You'll have to get a blogger ID to participate if you don't already have one.
  • Start by saying how you know christina (that's me) in the real world and/or the wwworld online.

  • If you see others you know who have posted before you, tell us how you know them in the world and in the wwworld, too.
Below are some examples of what your comment might look like:
  • "I know Christina from her time in Brussels, and now we connect through Linked In. I also see comments from Tom, Dick and Harry who I know from Brussels"

  • "I know Christina because she's my second cousin thrice removed, and I didn't even know she had my email address."

  • "I have seen Christina physically in Chicago, Portland, Thailand, Senegal (etc.), but I first met her online at Now she's part of my wwworld at, twitter and facebook. I also see comments from Julie, Jennifer and Jane who are facebook and twitter friends."

  • "I know Christina, Tom, Harry, Julie and Jane from facebook, but I've never met any of you in the real world."

  • "I don't know Christina or anyone here, but y'all rock and I'll see you on ned."
Give it a try in a comment below. Remember to include both your real world and online connections.

Have fun, and wwwelcome once again! I'm excited you're here.

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Enjoy yourself with GloBaL GAmEs 4 GoOd!