I WONDER: bristol palin drinking, sarah palin legs, palin secession

DIGG 1: TALK2ME play: ourwwworld pilot game sample (a.k.a talk2me: palin pregnancy)

DIGG 2: Palin linked to group wanting vote on Alaska secession

I WONDER, when I see that today's googlers are looking for bristol palin drinking sarah palin legs and palin secession, what on earth were the republicans thinking?! She's a dream for the press to tear apart, and googlers are obviously hungry for whatever pieces of the story they can find. I don't know anything about the lady except what I'm reading in the digg headlines, and ain't none of it good.

I also wonder at how many people are looking for felonspy.com, louisiana state police and anarchists today.

my home country is just a mess!
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