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Talk 2 me about the boeing strike, boeing strike vote 2008, boeing machinists searches that I am seeing i the google trends.

Without even knowing what it's about, it's clear that more pressure of any kind is not going to do the airline industry much good in the near future. It's pretty amazing to think about how much control those boeing machinists have over my global lifestyle.

In the part of the world I live in, second hand boeings are the airplane of choice for most national airlines. If boeing production is down, that means our planes will get replaced less often. And in my own country, the airlines continue to buckle under all of the repeated blows they have faced in the past decade. I was extremely impressed with the employee owned SouthWest airlines for national flights, however - having started out offering nothing but the basics, they now remain one of the few airlines not charging for baggage as an extra.

I am afraid all this is headed toward a time when cheap flights may no longer be available. With fuel up, food up, and the cost of producing planes going up, it's inevitable that the travel industry will continue to adjust with higher prices. When I traveled transatlantic with my children this past summer, we paid almost double what I had budgeted. Ouch!

I do think about the carbon footprint my global family is leaving, but I'd still like to be able to find cheap flights when I need them. I don't think the airline is doing much to reduce my carbon footprint when I pay the higher prices to them. But like all of us, they need to survive. And I hope they survive so that I can continue to travel to visit my family, and my kids can still continue to visit their dad who lives in another country.

For the airlines to survive, however, I understand that the workers who make the planes also have to survive. I wish the boeing machinists well in the boeing strike vote 2008 - may it not disrupt their lives nor mine too much.

Is there a way you can see in which the boeing strike will affect you?