Imagine with me, the HaaSii Wave

A wave
is coming.
30 months,  2500 events, 4 fun formats... Cozy, personal
Evenings at home, Saturday afternoons, Weekends away in nature, Adventures to far off lands
Moments of deep connection 
with 50,000 magical beings.
co-creating a whole new kind 
of global story when we
gather to consider 17 Global Goals
for our people
and planet.
in a wave
of small
for 30 
months. :: :: ::
It's a wave of co-creative thinking, learning & energy unleashing  whenever we show up todive in.
Multi-cultural magic happens.
Small groups. Awesomepeople.
Our cultural lenses, a bridge.
Sharing moments that
expand us.  Pursuing 
adventures together
that reshape us. 
new normal
of what we
know is
when we 
to align.
:: :: :: It's a cleansing,
spiralling wave,  
See &  feel it with me. Of human-ness flowing, loving leaves & leaving love, listening, learning, leaning in. Activating a new vibration where  Man and woman-kind love being kind.  know how to connect, and know h…

Christinaswwworld revival

A new business, an old blog.

I've re-used the name of this old personal blog to register a Los Angeles based sole proprietorship called Christinaswwworld Unlimited.

Accordingly, I've switched the old blog up a bit to house some basic info about the business.

But there are stories archived in these pages, from former lives lived by someone named Christina in Kampala, Brussels and Chiang Mai.

I shall leave them, undisturbed and on the shelf, to remember her by.

Who do you think about when you're alone?

While my kids are away with their dad this month, I've rented a small house in the mountains north of Chiang Mai, near Pai - a lively and lovely small town that we've visited before. I am on my own with the intention to disconnect for a while. Since arriving 4 days ago, though, one lingering issue keeps disturbing my peace. 

Some dear friends of mine in Uganda are facing a serious crisis.  What remains of the Life in Africa I founded in 1999 is a tight-knit group of self-empowering war-affected women who live in Kampala's displaced Acholi Quarter. After years of working together to learn skills that would serve them whenever they managed to move back home to Northern Uganda, the land in the displaced camp/slum these women live on has now been sold for commercial development. They now need to move back to Northern Uganda urgently, which is causing quite a lot of unrest and fear. 

Some of them have nowhere to go with their families and not enough money saved to buy their own…

Slowing down to see eye to eye

The Ci2i Global group never ceases to soothe and amaze. If we've done nothing else together in the past 3 years of regular working group calls, we have developed a beautiful culture of being together in community with each other, even if we are spread out on all continents of the globe. What we continue to learn from each other - about our work and about ourselves - is an important source of inspiration and energy for all of us as we make our respective marks in the world.  
I wrote about our most recent call at the Ci2i blog, where - among other things - we reminded each other how important it is to take each time for ourselves and slow down in order to maintain a sense of peace and presence.  See the post:

Enjoy the deep wisdom of these amazing social impact-driven women.

Milestones, eras, shiftings

From my facebook:

So graduation festivities are over and much else has begun, or is in motion. My 3 boys are at this moment in the sky on their way to Holland and the US for the summer, marking the end of an era for our joy-hunting family - chances are high that we will never again all live under one roof as the 4 of us. Single mom of 3 boys is no longer part of my identity, as my first born leaves to live as a young man on his own, in another friggin' country, no less! I will see him again before he takes up residence in the Netherlands, but his stuff is with him in the air now - except his awesome sculpture class work, which just couldn't be packed

It feels milestone-like, happening in the midst of more shifts happening (and asking to happen) at different levels. Only hours after the boys were gone I was coming together back to back with the Evolutionize It Board and my beloved Ci2i Global working group in skype gatherings that felt productive in stabilizing ways. Feeling gra…

My belated birthday wish for a new Life in Africa

My birthday was yesterday, so today I am celebrating the successful launch of my 48th year on this planet, and the re-launch of a crowdfunding campaign for my dear sisters at Life in Africa.

Please know that your support to this campaign at any level will feel like an invaluable gift to me personally. If I could just give these ladies $15,000 myself, I would. I have known them for 15 years, and they are like sisters to me. They are soon to be homeless and really need the power of their networks to pull through for them now - not to mention that they are a wonderful group and their plan is a good on. This all means I'll be appealing more directly to everyone I know on this one than I normally do.  You're invited to a facebook event page where we can follow and nurture the campaign's progress together thru the campaign's 23 June deadline.

After a recently unsuccessful attempt at raising almost $9,000 toward the Family Transition Center last month, community leaders Grac…

What if the Happy song and video memes came with more actual happiness in the world?

Pharrell Williams' 2014 hit Happy song and the 24 hours of Happy video have sparked a meme that's even more fun for high school kids than the Harlem Shake was in 2013. Graduating seniors at Chiang Mai International School have danced their goodbyes in a Happy montage, that keeps me grinning ear to ear (and not just at the moments my oldest son is in it!)

But Pharrell Williams isn't the only force moving us toward greater happiness these days.

Fascinating new research on happiness is now available, about what it actually is and how it actually comes to be in our lives. The "Happy" movie is well worth the $2.99 to rent it. Right after I watched it I made my kids sit down and watch it with me - the practical information in this little gem of a movie made an immediate impact on our lives.

Happy - A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.
Another inspiring must-see if you value happiness is the Economics of Happiness documentary released early this year.  I&…