Milestones, eras, shiftings

It's just us 3 next year...

From my facebook:

So graduation festivities are over and much else has begun, or is in motion. My 3 boys are at this moment in the sky on their way to Holland and the US for the summer, marking the end of an era for our joy-hunting family - chances are high that we will never again all live under one roof as the 4 of us. Single mom of 3 boys is no longer part of my identity, as my first born leaves to live as a young man on his own, in another friggin' country, no less! I will see him again before he takes up residence in the Netherlands, but his stuff is with him in the air now - except his awesome sculpture class work, which just couldn't be packed

It feels milestone-like, happening in the midst of more shifts happening (and asking to happen) at different levels. Only hours after the boys were gone I was coming together back to back with the Evolutionize It Board and my beloved Ci2i Global working group in skype gatherings that felt productive in stabilizing ways. Feeling grateful especially to Alycia de Kraa and Christelle Van Ham and Jean Russell in the roles you played in helping those to go well. Milestones, eras, shiftings.

My own summer intention now is to get a day each in on and, and connect with friends (yoohoo!) for whatever Chiang Mai fun we can find this weekend, before heading 3.5 hours into the mountains for a month on my own at Hester's little house near a meditation center in Pai (a town you can visit in my photo albums). I'll be taking with me some deep thinking and inner listening to do around what my next 2 years in Chiang Mai could look like and what life-magic I might wish for after that.

Then it's off to the US for a graduation trip to NYC with Thomas Haitsma and a reunion time with family in Santa Cruz.

My gratitude to the universe for todays range of experiences and anticipations is lightening my heart enough to bear the inevitable melancholy. But grateful I am, indeed today - at the end of an era - for this one and only life that is mine.

A nice moment in the CMIS graduation ceremony
for Thomas and his class to thank their parents