Imagine with me, the HaaSii Wave

A wave 
is coming.
30 months, 
2500 events,
4 fun formats...
Cozy, personal
Evenings at home,
Saturday afternoons,
Weekends away in nature,
Adventures to far off lands
Moments of deep connection 
with 50,000 magical beings.
co-creating a whole new kind 
of global story when we
gather to consider
17 Global Goals
for our people
and planet.
in a wave
of small
for 30 
:: :: ::
It's a wave
of co-creative
thinking, learning
& energy unleashing 
whenever we show up todive in.
Multi-cultural magic happens.
Small groups. Awesomepeople.
Our cultural lenses, a bridge.
Sharing moments that
expand us.  Pursuing 
adventures together
that reshape us. 
new normal
of what we
know is
when we 
to align.
:: :: ::
It's a cleansing,
spiralling wave,  
See &  feel it with me.
Of human-ness flowing,
loving leaves & leaving love,
listening, learning, leaning in.
Activating a new vibration where 
Man and woman-kind love being kind. 
know how to connect, and know how to learn 
to know ourselves and the world through opening
our hearts and minds to one another as human beings.
Angels, warriors, hosts, co-creators, and all magical humans
who are with us Ignite! A world wide wave of cross-cultural co-creative 
passion in action can lift us, spiralling as we rise from the mud of our cultural ruts
Stand tall, start small, welcome all along the wave.
Teacher, learner, leader, champion
wisdom flowing effortlessly
from one to another
as we rediscover
and remember
the magic of
and this
earth we
all call home.
:: :: ::
Climb aboard 
the Wave and ride it
together with everyone
in your community you love.
Oh! The places we'll dare to go!
The multi-cultural magic we'll make!
The new kind of global story we'll see
and learn from real people along the wave
As we make time for moments giving meaning to
each other and 17 sustainable development goals.
July 2018 - Dec 2020: say yes to the WAVE
when it arrives on your own horizon. 
This story is writing itself for you to
reject the ever-more digitalized &
story-controlled version of what
our amazing earth is & can be.
Join with the magical beings 
who are remembering who 
we are & can choose to be. 
Come, let's play together
in the Wave and learn to 
wash our world anew.
And you can be sure,
dear reader, this 
message, in fact
this whole idea, 
is intended to 

See http://HaaSii.Club to learn more.