Let's ToASt to hope for turbulent times

Wow. The stock market has just crashed, one major US financial institution has collapsed and others are only afloat because they are being propped up by one of the most indebted economies in the world. Economies around the world have only just begun to feel the impact of this week's events. It's official - the world we live in is broken. Most probably beyond repair, if maintaining our current lifestyles is our objective. I have found it fascinating that all of the East Africans who are playing the ourwwworld game are seeing the end of times spelled out in the google search trends.

But I have a secret weapon for remaining optimistic. I know that there are armies of people out there - all over the world - who are actively engaged in the Better World Building industry. (Some people call us changemakers, some call us social entrepreneurs, others call us the citizen's sector.) I've personally been an active participant in and promoter of what I love to call the Better World Building industry, through my endeavors online from Africa during the past 10 years.

As a result, my networks on facebook, twitter, linkedin, ned and other social networking sites include many awe-inspiring people who dedicate amazing reserves of their time, creative intellect and other resources into building a better world. They are already developing new systems and ideas that offer hope for better times ahead. During this party, I'll be raising toasts to a number of them, who have inspired hope in me and in others through their amazing initiatives.

My intention is not only to recognize them (for they surely deserve it), but to inspire hope in other readers. As long as people like these really exist, the world really isn't as badly off as it sometimes seems.