MY OWN WAY: tropical storm hanna, sarah palin bikini, dive in underwear

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digg2: Study: Smiling Now Primarily Used To Communicate Anger is asking for donations at to help shelter those displaced from the hurricanes; james whitey bulger is an even more wanted man today; and I'm going to blog this MY OWN WAY because I have a cousin in the gulf states, and I've no idea whether or not he's received or needed assistance during tropical storm hanna 2008 or her brother Gustav.

There's another search storm brewing for natural gas cars, just as a newspaper in McCain's home state reports Enthusiasm runs low for natural-gas cars. Did I miss something? I guess they forgot to ask me. Probably because they were too busy looking up bristol palin alaska, sarah palin bikini, sarah palin hot pictures and (my personal favorite) sarah palin social security number.

But as long as the beige book says there is enough monoatomic gold left for a gmac mortgage in my dive in underwear, then I don't mind what wxyz news detroit is reporting. I know all the star spangled banner verses, I love to dive in underwear, and my cng conversion is just fine.

Happy, happy.