Get ready for AdvEntURe!

exploring in the delta @ Murchison

We've had some great family adventures in Uganda.

But when we were in the USA a few weeks ago, I was SHOCKED when my kids were shocked that I got on a horse. Upon further inquiry, I learned that my kids' image of me did not include adventurous.

WHAT? Me, who has lived my life bouncing from one foreign country to the next, not adventurous? Me, who has been river rafting on the Nile at least a dozen times not adventurous? Me, who has worked in an African war zone? Over the next few weeks of our US vacation, I took every opportunity to show them an adventurous side of me that I imagined 11 and 12 year olds could understand. I went on roller coasters, I body surfed in the ocean, I played with the Wii, and I even let them go to the movies by themselves.

Lord knows, I can't stop with the adventures now - with near teens in the house, my reputation as a mom is at stake!

So I'm planning some fun family adventures during our last months in Uganda, including some of the wonderful wildlife and eco-tourism opportunities you really shouldn't miss, if you ever visit this country. This coming weekend, we're going horseback riding along the Nile near Jinja (about 1.5 hours drive from Kampala). On the way back, we'll spend one night at the Mabira Rainforest Lodge.

I'll let you know how it goes!