Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 things to miss and not miss about Uganda

Thank you so much to everyone for your encouraging comments on my daughter Christine's post. This one is written by 13 year old Thomas, my first born. The reader posed questions were really useful in helping him get started. Keep 'em coming!

Hey everyone my name is Thomas, but some of you might know that, and i am 13 years old. I have lived with my parents in Uganda for ten whole years and we are just about ready to leave and head back to Brussels where i spent 3 years of my childhood. My hobbies are break-dancing just like my bro, drawing and reading. Sometimes if i am in the mood i will try to play golf.

Two people from the blogosphere have asked me some questions:

windmill asked: what role models do i set for my younger brothers?

At first i didn't understand the question very well so i asked my mom, now that i have an idea of what it's about my answer is. Some of the role-models that i set for my younger brothers are completing my homework on time and not leaving it until last minute... And sometimes, Lucas, asks for tips on girls and i help Ben with his numbers and letters once in a while and he is so smart. I hope that this answer is what you want.

Nancy asked me also how we feel about leaving Africa and the emotions that go wit it. My answer to that is:

I feel kind of sad leaving Africa because i know soo many people who i might never see again, i am relieved because now we don't have to deal with all the potholes and dust. I am happy because i get to live in Belgium again. those are the three main emotions that i feel. Thank you Nancy and Windmill it has been a great experience answering these questions on my first entry.

Continuing on from Nancy's statement, the top ten things that i will miss from Uganda are:

exquisite food
national parks
wild animals
the word matatu ( local transport )
all the people i know
my school plus the teachers
break-dance project Uganda ( a project that enables break-dance around the country )
my room
my house

The top ten things i wont miss are:

nasty milk
terrible driving
slow Internet
power cuts
bad phone network
water shortage
Mr. Museveni ( Uganda's president )
boda bodas and matatus (local transport )

Now that some of you have asked me questions i would like to ask you some.

How did you learn about party at Christina's world?

Would you ever like to come and visit Uganda after the descriptions that me and my mom have given?

Hope to hear from you soon, thats all from me for now



John Powers said...

Hello Thomas. I couldn't think of a question to ask you. All of I could think of is how kids often don't like when they are presented in a bad light. Role models are people we look to for ideas about how to live well and be good. But I think most of our ideas about that are our own. You have good ideas about that.

I hope that you continue break dancing in Belgium! Break dancing is fun and a way to express yourself to others and with others.

I moved a lot when I was young and was always sad to miss my friends. It's good to know that friends don't forget. You may be miles away but there are still threads that connect you to your friends.

I found out about this blog from your mother at Ned. I also knew her from what she put on the Internet.

I would like to visit Uganda. I know from pictures it's a very beautiful place. But the main reason I want to visit is to see friends there I've made on the Internet.

Windmill said...

Dear Thomas,

Thank you very much for having taken the time to answer my question. You have answered very well.

You have the right attributes to grow into a fine man. Keep going forward and you have a great Mom right behind you.

Thomas, May the Force be with you always!

Shawn4lia said...

Hello Thomas,

Great to hear from you! I really enjoyed reading your post, and I am really glad that you won't have to drink the nasty milk any more! I am also glad to hear that you don't wait until the last minute to finish your homework. I had some trouble with this when I was a student. :-)

I would love to visit Uganda, to meet Grace and all the other wonderful LIA people, and see the amazing animals, but I am also looking forward to visiting you in Belgium someday. And I hope you will be coming back to visit us in California very soon. Your visits are always so much fun.


Jennifer L Price said...

I visited Uganda about two years ago and remember my time in a matatu vividly--they were rough and quite eye-opening for little ol' me!

You and your siblings have had some very special opportunities as children that will make you different when you're older (my parents worked overseas my whole life, too). You may want to consider reading "Third Culture Kids" at some point before you go off to college or start work--it was a great way for me to understand certain things about myself, my childhood, and how it affected me.

I found the blog through Entrecard and as a fellow expat, traveler, and former visitor to Uganda, I've enjoyed following it!

I wish you the best!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hello Thomas
your post is quite interesting. I would like to know what you opinion is of the current indictment of the warlord Laurent Nkunda, who's basically held uganda captive for a few years ?

do you think they will put him in jail ?

also do you think it will help to bring Peace to the people of Uganda, finally ?

I'm looking forward to your response.

Take Good Care and Be Sure to Keep In Touch

~RE Ausetkmt

Linda Nowakowski said...

Thomas! It was really good to hear from you.

It seems we are all changing lifestyles at pretty much the same time. I will be moving back to the US probably in early May for 1 year. I am looking forward to it but still have certain dreads and fears. Change is always some kind of mixture of the two which is what makes it so exciting.

We are both moving from warm places back to cold places ... though I suspect mine may promise to be a bit colder than yours! Yikes! Are you ready for it - full time?

I have this feeling that we are going to meet again sooner than later but maybe not in Uganda like we had originally planned.

Keep us posted on the changes and challenges of the move!

I have to get back to throwing out stuff that I can't take with me so there is not too much to store here while I am gone!

Hugs from Thailand...

Thomas said...

hey john thanks for replying to my blog, and to all the others who have responded it has made my blogging experience even the better, and i hope i do continue break dance.
hey windmill it was my pleasure to answer your question and i am glad my answer was adequate!
hi shawn thank you so much for giving insight to my post and nice hearing from you again.
hey jennifer it is great that you have been here and in a matatu so you know how i feel and i might just read that book thank you for you suggestiion.
hi RE i am sorry but i don't know anyone of the name laurent but i think he is in congo, our villain is joseph kony but finally the war is over and he has moved out of uganda.
hi linda it is sooo nice to here from you again, what a coincidence that both our lifestyles are changing, where a bouts in the us are you going?
i hope to hear from all of you again

Linda Nowakowski said...


I will be returning to Ohio as a base but will be doing a lot of traveling. I am going to be racking up frequent bus miles! I have a lot of people to talk to and interview. It should be exciting!

And what about the cold??? ;-)

Bruce said...

I just found your site through Entrecard. I am an American Expat living in the Philippines. I do not have children, but I enjoy reading about others lives as expats. I hope you will enjoy my site, will comment and tell your friends.