Weaving a tapestry of shared air eXperiences

Wow, the last month of my life has been incredibly content rich. Processing all the themes that emerged for me from my Shine UK shared air experiences - particuarly with @DaveDawes, @RedButtonDesign and @liadavide, and from spending 3 intensely bonding days in Geneva with a powerful small group of women social entrepreneurs - all in transition with new innovations at late stages in their brilliantly impactful careers.

Around those physical movement for real time immersion I've been trying to put an ambitious plan for cosi10.com together, and facilitated a session on Transparency at an all virtual "unconference" this weekend called Radical Real Time.

I have also joined the Board at @HubBrussels, which has involved (by my own choice) quite a few hours over the past few weeks, as I've sat in on some staff team meetings and attended lengthy General Assembly and Board meetings involving discussion about a lot of operational development issues.

All this experiential learning about such varied operational aspects of social entrepreneurship is bombarding me with so much to think about. It's been hard to digest any of it into anything resembling a blog post. It's been starting to feel like a lot on my intellectual plate.

With so much to think about I've been feeling a little zoomed out sometimes.

Spending time in the garden with the kids has been a very grounding, whole different kind of shared air experience. My Lucas is a high flyer in his social scene at the moment, so has not been interested in connecting to the earth with us just now. But both Ben and Thomas have enthusiastically embraced a renovation and replanting of our flower beds. We're getting toward the end of that big job, and the garden is already starting to look great... well, much better anyway! I got a sweet new camera for my birthday, so will be sharing pictures soon...

Meanwhile, I'm thinking maybe cleaning my room could be a way to keep getting my mind clear. It's been a little too long since I did that.

Happy Spring!