Adding another face 2 my facebook account: here's why I might be unfriending you soon

As I get myself ready to start working on another online project professionally in September, I've been thinking a lot lately about the need to restructure my online activities so that I can avoid letting work take over my personal relationships, and equally avoid letting the personal take over my work. To that end, I'm going to be adjusting a few things with regard to who I follow, where online, and what I am going to post there.

After 11 years of using online tools to stay connected professionally, my online world at facebook has become a very special favorite place lately, connecting a ton of people whom I have actually shared air with over the course of my perpetual expat life. The rekindling of these long-lost connections - with real people whom I have actually interacted with in real time and space - has become priceless to me. You make my life real and I love hanging out with you being myself and chatting about this and that.

So I've decided that Facebook , for me, is going to be used from now on (with a very few exceptions) as my "face2face" book - to include only people with whom I have shared physical time and space and air with at some point over the course of my crazy global life.

Before I unfriend those of you who I haven't actually met, I will be looking you up on Twitter, and look forward to hopefully continuing to follow each other there. On Twitter is where I'll be posting links that are more related to my work in the social change sector. If you'd like to follow that part of my online presence, you can find me on Twitter @ChristinasWorld.

No offense is intended to anyone. If you and I haven't met and you even notice that I've unfriended you, I hope you understand.