christinaswwworld trends - stepping stones to new pathways

Over the past 2 months I have been venturing into online neighborhoods where folks are making money on the internet by working from home. My objective has been not only to find ways that I can earn money for myself working from home, but more specifically to identify activities that friends of mine here in Uganda (where I live) can consider as possible sources of income for community activities that they would like to undertake.

After investing in several ebooks and scouring the click exchanges for tools and ideas, I decided to try my hand at blogging the google trends. Within 24 hours of my first post, the ourwwworld blog had received over 600 visitors and raked in over $60 in advertising revenue. Within a week of deliberately very little additional activity (and none of it quality writing), the total revenue reached over $150 - which is more than very many Ugandans earn in a whole month.

Last year I initiated an online experiment with my Ugandan friends that involved researching health topics on the internet and presenting them to non-internet literate communities. This year, I think they should seriously consider researching the google trends, and blogging about what they learn on monetized blogs - in addition to telling their communities about the global trends they learn about. My thinking is that if my Ugandan friends can work together as a team of bloggers, they could earn significant amounts of financing for their community activities - blogging the google trends is an excellent (and lucrative) way for them to start getting a feel for how blogging can work. (I've no doubt that once they get the hang of it, they will have many other things to say.)

Now that I've experimented a bit, I'm finally getting the hang of things myself. From today, ourwwworld will be where I post a roundup of any google trending that my Ugandan friends and I post individually. Christinaswwworld trends (this blog) is where I will try to post some occasionally intelligent cross-cultural thoughts inspired by the google trends I see.

thanks for being here.